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Supply chain emissions solutions are a set of strategies and practices that businesses can use to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with their supply chains.

What we do

Supply chain emissions consulting is a service that helps businesses reduce their greenhouse gas emissions from their supply chains. Consultants can help businesses to:

  • Measure their supply chain emissions: This involves identifying all the sources of emissions in the supply chain and quantifying their impact.
  • Develop a plan to reduce emissions: This involves identifying opportunities to reduce emissions and developing a roadmap for implementation.
  • Implement emission reduction measures: This involves implementing the measures identified in the plan and monitoring their effectiveness.
  • Report on emissions: Businesses are increasingly required to report on their emissions, and consultants can help them to do this in a transparent and accurate way.

Your benefits

  • Reduce emissions: Consultants can help businesses to identify and reduce emissions throughout their supply chains.
  • Improve efficiency: Consultants can help businesses to improve the efficiency of their supply chains, which can lead to lower emissions.
  • Save money: Reducing emissions can save businesses money on energy costs and other expenses.
  • Improve reputation: Businesses that are seen as being environmentally responsible are more likely to attract customers and investors.
  • Meet regulations: Businesses are increasingly being regulated on their emissions, and consultants can help them to comply with these regulations.

Our clients

  • wbcsd
  • Catena-X
  • Estainium
  • and much more


“Working with the consultants, we were able to identify and reduce emissions throughout our supply chain. This has helped us to save money and improve our environmental impact.”

Frank Garcia, India Company

“The consultants helped us to develop a plan to reduce our emissions and implement it in a timely and efficient manner. We are confident that we are on track to meet our emissions reduction goals.”

Mike Patel, US Company

“The consultants were knowledgeable and experienced in supply chain emissions. They were able to help us to understand our emissions and develop a plan to reduce them. We would definitely recommend them to other businesses.”

Henry, France