CircularTree and BASF – launch of the PACIFIC-App

CircularTree and BASF have announced the launch of the PACIFIC-App, a groundbreaking solution that revolutionizes access and visibility of Product Carbon Footprints (PCFs) for BASF’s automotive customers. Developed in close collaboration between CircularTree and BASF, the PACIFIC-App is a white-label solution of CarbonBlock, designed to simplify the request and management of PCFs. 

BASF and CircularTree
BASF and CircularTree

Key features of the PACIFIC-App include:

– Easy Onboarding: BASF offers their automotive customers a seamless access to a modern and efficient system.

– Automated PCF Requests: Customers can easily request PCFs for all purchased products and additional relevant items, providing comprehensive data on CO2 footprints.

– Standardized Documents: Customers can download BASF’s PCFs in standardized JSON files and PDF documents.

– Real-time Notifications: Customers receive notifications about all important changes and updates, keeping them informed about their PCF requests and data.

– Easy Data Management: Customers have an overview and can manage requests and PCF data, simplifying their Carbon Footprint Management processes.

In addition to these features, the PACIFIC-App offers numerous benefits for BASF, including increased productivity, reduced manual effort, and simplified processes. The optimized approval process also leads to a significant reduction in operational activities at BASF.

The planned alignment of the PACIFIC-App with the Catena-X standard will further improve transparency and compatibility within automotive supply chains.

CircularTree and BASF are committed to sustainability, efficiency, and innovation in the automotive sector. The PACIFIC-App represents a significant advancement in Carbon Footprint Management, offering both BASF and their automotive customers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution.

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